My wife, Tyra and I and our 2 youngest (of six boys) have travelled all over the country since August 2015 (are still at it!).  Every Sunday we go to a different church to worship, but also to learn what different churches do to welcome us (or most often to NOT welcome us).

As a result of our travels, combined with my 28 year walk with God, my 22 years running a business and 15+ years in church leadership I have a LOT to share about how to church that FULFILLS the Great Commission!

But I am focused on teaching your folks real-life, easy ways to do this – that are not “weird” or that will cause them to have to go out to the streets and talk to strangers.  🙂

The purpose behind 10Xchurch.org is to rally churches around 3 core principles!

  1. 10XChurches are FOCUSED on MAKING DISCIPLES
  2. 10XChurches are WELCOMING PEOPLE!
  3. 10XChurches have WELCOMING WORSHIP!

I believe that once your people learn the details of these three principles, your church will EXPLODE in becoming who and what God wants you to be as Gods’ PEOPLE!

Join me in the journey!

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