What is a #10Xchurch?

What is a #10Xchurch?


They set 10X Goals, take 10X action to achieve 10X SUCCESS in making Disciples and Transforming the World.

THE MESSAGE is that God SO LOVES US and he wants us to have a 10X SUCCESSFUL LIFE that spreads THE MESSAGE – VIRALLY.  That people get so INSPIRED by the 10X church, they HAVE to a part of it!  We want to create a movement!

  • Reaches 10X more people
  • Transforms members to become 10X more POWERFUL in their LOVE, FAITH and LIFE
  • Teaches people how to love 10X more!
  • Teaches people how to serve 10X better!
  • Teaches people to have a 10X Spiritual Life
  • Teaches 10X more content via blog posts, videos, photos, webinars, etc
  • Grows the Audience RATHER than the “Offering”
  • Is 10X more concerned with the 10X of its Audience than itself
  • Is doing 10X more community service TO EXPOSE PEOPLE TO THE MESSAGE
  • Drives people to join the community – In person OR ONLINE!
  • Dominates their community with the Message of the Gospel
  • Crushing it on Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
  • Is continually pushing its “product” because everyone needs it
  • Has a Pastor and Staff that are 10X, “all in” and obsessed with delivering the Message to ALL
  • Does not hold itself back with fear about those that are not ready or willing to hear the Message
  • Trains 10X leaders who can accomplish 10X more and start 10X churches
  • Is 10X more transparent with financials
  • Is 10X more transparent with committee meetings
  • Doesn’t limit itself to services on ONE day per week!
  • Uses technology to deliver service on the schedule of its members
  • Doesn’t limit God to the four walls. Deliver worship to as many as possible via today’s technology
  • Doesn’t apologize for its Faith!

The 10X church gives before it receives, for example:

  • Give a t-shirt to first-time guests
  • Free Bibles for anyone who needs one off-line or online
  • Pays for its kids to go on a mission trip or at your church camp
  • Believes in long term ministry
  • Invites first time guests to lunch with an ambassador
  • Continuously starts new small groups every month
  • Actually calls people to get them involved in a new small group every month
  • Invest in “10X evangelism training” for all of their staff and leadership
  • Multiplies it’s income by 10 times by utilizing it’s congregation to do good. Example: $100 given paints and entire house. And then let people know that you are 10Xing their contributions
  • So if 300,000 is given the church needs to justify $3 million worth of value they are providing to their congregation and the community
  • 1 year FREE Membership!

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  1. I am trying to break the sessions, etc. into “chunks” that Calvary will understand. As I mentioned, Mo’ O’Connor, our deacon and soon to be our part-time priest (December 17 she will be ordained), and Jan Bruesch are very excited and interested. I am so excited, and this comes at the perfect time!

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