Church struggling with Evangelism? Want to become MORE than just a “friendly” church?

Hello and WELCOME! My name is Patrick Steil.

10XCHURCH is a way to look at the church through the lens of the UNCHURCHED and FIRST TIME GUESTS at your church.

My family has visited 50-60 churches during this past year and have experienced first hand that 90% of all churches are not doing much of ANYTHING to welcome first time guests PROPERLY. But how do you know HOW to do this?

I believe our stories and our experiences can help.

At one church I told my wife – “I am ready to join this church right now” – AND THE SERVICE HAD NOT EVEN STARTED YET!

At another church, by the end of the service, I was thinking of PEOPLE I wanted to INVITE to that church!

I believe that I can help your church understand what church feels like to a first time guest and what it NEEDS to feel like in order for me to WANT to return again!

And it isn’t the contemporary music or the lights or the “production”. It isn’t what most churches are focusing on…

Watch this video to hear more about our story!

I am very excited about getting this training OUT THERE into the hands of as MANY CHURCHES as possible!

I have worked long and hard to create a simple approach to evangelism that ANYONE can follow. It makes sense and doesn’t require anyone to do “street evangelism” or to EVER talk to strangers!

This means that EVERYONE can do this and be part of helping to grow your church.

And no matter what it will help make the CULTURE of your church a more awesome place to BELONG!

Workshop Lessons


This lesson should be taught to as much of your congregation as possible! Get your whole church together one evening or Saturday to learn this lesson and then discuss!

I will SHARE with our perspective as “professional first time guests” (LOL) and what WE NEED in order to COME BACK to your church again and again!  I’ll relate with them since I have been one of them who LOVES their church, but also one who knows the internal struggles and frustrations of the church living up to the call to “make disciples”.

I will share with them the very few stories of when we have felt a WARM WELCOME, how exactly that happened and what EXACTLY they need to do in order to make that happen.

I’ll even have them do an interactive exercise where I will have them get up and talk with someone they don’t know so they can practice how to do this!

The end result is that they will KNOW exactly what to say and what to do with first time guests the VERY NEXT SUNDAY!


In this lesson I will share over the over 25 layers of WELCOMING we have seen WITHIN the worship service that has made us feel welcome.  

I 1000% believe that having a WELCOMING WORSHIP service (and Welcoming People) solves the #1 reason why your members DO NOT RECOMMEND people to your church – WHICH IS THE #1 thing that must happen in order to have a chance at growing your church (proven principle)!


Want to make sure this training doesn’t go on for a few Sundays and then everyone returns back to the old way of doing things?  Me too!  In this lesson I’ll share that the WELCOMING PEOPLE and WELCOMING WORSHIP are first steps to the bigger picture – the “MAIN THING” – which is to be focused on MAKING DISCIPLES.

I will offer a model for how to ensure your church continues to stay FOCUSED on evangelism and discipleship. Which means you will continue to grow!

Are you as excited as I am? I hope you see how this training just might GET YOUR PEOPLE EXCITED about being the church I know they WANT TO BE!

“I give this training an 11 out of 10!”Pastor Carol Montgomery
Cornerstone UMC, Garland TX

Cornerstone was blessed to have Patrick Steil lead us in a workshop.

With his guidance, we are more aware of what we need to do as a church to be more welcoming.

Every Sunday there are more new visitors. Carol has had such inspiring sermons. Congregation clapped at the end of her sermon yesterday. I wanted to cheer!

We had a young Muslim man come in yesterday and he was so warmly greeted that he said he’d definitely be back. You made us so aware of what we needed to do to be that church that makes you want to return.

I truly believe that God sent you to us. It is very exciting times at Cornerstone UMC. Thank you so, so much.Karen VonForell, Church Council Chair at Cornerstone UMC

How do we get the training?

Our next workshop will run JUST IN TIME for EASTER!

The next Introductory lesson will be on January 17th and 19th (you can attend either one) at 6:30pm CST).

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